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Login Help

If you are new to the University use Activate my account and enter the requested information to obtain your CSU account details. Your account details are comprised of a username and password and are used to uniquely identify you within the University.

If you have forgotten your password use Forgot your password? to set a new one. You should be able to login 15 minutes after changing it but sometimes it can take up to 60 minutes to update your new password across all of our systems.

Student username

A student username consists of the first (or first two letters) of your first name, first few letters of your last name and two numbers to create up to a maximum of 8 characters eg jsmith22 or josmit10.

Staff username

A staff username consists of the first (or first two/three letters) of your first name and first few letters of your last name up to a maximum of 8 characters. Students who become staff retain the same username (unless they are unpaid PhD students).

You cannot login with your CSU email address.

Trouble logging in

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, this means an upper and lower case letter are not recognised as the same character eg a and A are two different characters. If, for example, your username is jsmith you must enter it as jsmith, Jsmith or JSmith will not work. If your password is Icy8Cola but you type ICY8COLA, icy8Cola or any other variation you will be unable to login. Similarly typing an o (lower case o) instead of a 0 (zero) or vice versa will also fail.

Check the following:

  • Caps lock - is caps lock turned on?
  • Number lock - if you use the number pad to enter your password, check that num-lock is on or use the numbers above the letter keys
  • Typos - did you type your username and password correctly?
  • Keyboard - check the necessary keys on the keyboard are working
  • Password change - if it has been under 60 minutes since you changed your password and your new one is not working yet you can try your old password as sometimes it may work. If neither the old or the new password work you will have to wait for the update to complete - your ability to login should be restored 60 minutes after you changed your password
  • Browser set to remember passwords - if your details are already filled in you need to delete your username and password and type them again

Other issues which can cause your login to fail

  • If you keep getting prompted to login or get a blank screen, try clearing your cache, then close and reopen your browser. Enter your username and password again to login. To clear your cache see how to clear your internet browser cache (there are a number of different browsers and versions listed on this page, instructions are also provided for iOS and Android devices)
  • Cookies are required to login
    • Computer - see enable cookies in your Internet web browser
    • iOS devices - this can vary between iOS versions. Settings, Safari, Block Cookies, From third parties and advertisers. If your version says Accept Cookies, change to Always and then login and then you can repeat and change it to From visited so it doesn't accept cookies from all sites
    • Android device (default browser) - tap the Internet icon to start the browser then press the phone's menu button, tap More (or if there is no More option go straight to next step), Settings, scroll to Accept Cookies and tap to check the box. If you are using another browser use google to search for instructions for your particular brand, model and browser combination

Avast Anti-Virus

A bug in the Avast Toolbar for Internet Explorer causes login to fail with a 'Unable to decode base64 in POST binding message' error message.

To resolve this problem, try using a different browser:

Or disable the Avast Toolbar for IE:

  • Select the Tools (or Gear icon) menu:
  • Select the avast! Online Security extension from the list:
  • Select Disable:

Change Password

  • Why do I need to change my password regularly?
    The main reason for regular password changes is to limit an account's exposure to misuse.
  • How often must I change my password?


    We recommend you change your password every trimester.


    You must change your password every 60 days.

    The Password toolbox (on the left hand side under the search box) displays the number of days remaining until your next required password change.

    Once you have changed your password it can take up to 60 minutes to update across all systems and services.

    It is best to change your password when you have finished working and do not require access to anything for the next hour to avoid any inconvenience.

    If you have changed your password within the last hour you may still be able to access some services with either your old password or your new password. The ability to access services in this time can vary which is why it's best to change it after you have finished working (just before you leave for the day or just before you go to Lunch).

  • Once I have changed my password, when will the new password become active?
    The new password will not be available for all services for up to one hour.
  • How can I change my password?


    Use the activity bar – Password option and click on “change your password now”:

    change password student

    For tips on changing your password go to Student Account Security

    Remember your password should not be easy for others to guess.


    Login to staff.csu, locate the "Top staff links" and use the "CSU login/Password" link (see screenshot below):

    change password staff

    or go straight to the Changing My Password page.

    Remember your password should not be easy for others to guess.


If you need further assistance contact:

Student Staff
Local: 1800 275 278 Local: 1300 653 088
Internal: 37507 Internal: 84357
International: +61 2 6933 7507 International: +61 2 6338 4357
Email Online Service Desk